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"The thing that I like most about business is whether you can make the ideas that you create in the kingdom of heaven, heaven representing a clarified mind, into successes on earth."Thy will be done on earth, as it is in heaven."

Lola Opeyokun, p.s.



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Pure Spirit Therapies aims to be a leading organisation in the field of alternative healthcare in the ordinary and usual sense of the word in addition to its higher and more spiritual meaning, by constantly striving to achieve better results from the ("complementary") treatments that the clinic administers. It will continually develop therapists, through its highly advanced training programme, that can combine their intellectual, left brain activities, with their intuitive faculties to enable them to assess, "diagnose/understand" and inform with precision. Pure Spirit Therapies will develop high powered vision and cutting edge insight, boost its knowledge and awareness capacity, which will facilitate the prevention of unnecessary disease, illness and discomfort; ultimately therapies will be sought for pleasure and to aid the fulfilment of intelligently conceived life plans, ambitions and the maintenance of health and well-being. Pure Spirit Therapies will provide first class training in the field of healing and health; promote unique lifestyles and choices alongside its elevated attitude, philosophy and learning, all indispensible to truly benefit from our therapy.

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The most unique feature of the clinic is the soul Unfoldment Approach, created by Lola Opeyokun and is supported by a highly coverted body of research. The Soul Unfoldment style evolved through the development of early morning practice, a training programme/practiced over 3 and a half years that increases levels of energy, management, expertise, motivation, focus, will, determination, intelligence, knowledge, flexibility and adaptability in addition to enhancing the six senses, meditative and contemplative qualities. It included undertaking 2 years of generic formal training, working in a healing clinic for 18 months, case studies, studying Psychoanalytic Psychology and foundation level Astrology and other subjects, but not only for their obvious value, which may become clear to some later. The Unfoldment Approach surpasses other theories that proclaim to heal as the constituents are of a much higher esteem and thus, better quality. The treatment or approach can be summarised as working on a physical, emotional, mental and spiritual level to bring the client as close as possible to the healthiest spectrum of these layers by focusing on their goals, aspirations and establishing how attitude, culture, beliefs, habits, thoughts and feelings create security and protection or barriers, complexes and obstacles. Anything deeper will come to the surface, naturally, as "Time" (as an entity) permits.




The Physical is part of the Unfoldment Approach which focuses on bringing the body into alignment with the most advanced areas in the persons makeup to create measurable challenges, achieve stability, independence and assists with resolving the matters that arise in Image, Reflection and Perspective, which improve vision on all the layers mentioned in the Unfoldment Approach, if this is indeed the right perspective, as an entirely different one may come to the surface and a client may be fated to be a crutch and another an injury unless "Destiny" (as an entity) intervenes. To attempt to resolve this pairing would be psychological and to leave it as it is, and aid it to exist in the best possible form would be spiritual, and with most aspects of spirituality, opportunity is always waiting in the atmosphere, to transform something to be better than even the original or ill fated idea - congruency! Yet again, what I have explained could be completely untrue, merely a black and white version, like film, as though colour had not yet been created, (Before Christ) and with it an entirely different mood can exist. Of course, thinking in this way helps to be detached from fixed ideas and allows the truth to blossom, all of which are a catalyst to embarking on the journey of discovering your Soul Potential Click here to open a Word document


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