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Complementary Therapy!

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Therapies and Complementary Therapy

Complementary Health a Misconception?

At its best, therapy should be used to prevent disease and illness, it should be used to maintain health and reach higher levels of health. Regular treatments can be enjoyed in a relaxed and unconditional manner, if therapy was seen as a first resort in all instances. Complementary therapy is often seen as something that "complements" or is an alternative to conventional medicine. But the "old" truth is modern medicine treats symptoms rather than causes, and illness and disease, however great or small, in the body, are a last resort, which is why complementary therapy should not complement but precede modern medicine.

The Process of Materialisation!

Ideally, illnesses, before they actually become illnesses, should be prevented from becoming physical, which is why healing is so beneficial, however, therapy is treatment intended to alleviate disease or discomfort in the mind, body and sometimes spirit. Therapy should help with relaxation and reduce stress and promote well being and harmony over a certain period of time.


Therapy can cause people to become engaged with themselves and can bring emotions and feeling from the past or those that are hidden to surface or resurface. It can involve the use of physical movement, touch, instruments as in acupuncture, oil and flowers and it usually involves talking about the concerns of the client.

The Work

Physical therapy usually involves working with the client's body and breath and attempting to relieve pain. Physical therapy such as Shiatsu and Yoga therapy can also involve working with the client's energyfield and assist the flow of energy around the physical, subtle bodies and through the chakras or energy centers, whilst talk therapy usually involves helping the client to resolve issues of the mind in order to bring about a new perspective, thus removing obstacles that can have a baring on life and relationships, as mentioned earlier.