Who We Serve

P.S. Creations Consultancy delivers advice and training for small to large organisations. We create the right experiences for our clients, which are conducive to high levels of performance. We ensure clients are in the healthiest conditions and their assets are producing efficient returns. We use powerful and effective tools which means we continually develop new intelligence that place our clients in the strongest position, in support of the realisation of their vision, aims and objectives at all levels.

Our management expertise, coupled with the most powerful tools of transformation, increases the physical, emotional and mental health of our clients organisation, averting the possibility of difficulty in the future. The realisation of key objectives and financial targets can be quite a natural bi product of this process. We are at the forefront of building healthy relationships that are based upon trust, respect and mutual understanding.

We offer consultancy services to industries such as Property, Construction & Real Estate, Education, Health, Telecommunications, Energy & Utilities, Food & Catering, Media & Entertainment, Security & Defence, Design and Retail.

Who We Serve

Our market has been segmented into three bands based on the number of employees that an organisation employs. P.S.Creations Consultancy can service a wide range of customers with the right resources, such as human capital and technology, and our services are tailored around our resources and capabilities. The nature of our assignments within Band 1, of our industries are likely to be desktop by nature, research initiated and with the reliance on high levels of technology. At the lower end of the employee count Band 3, our services will adopt a more traditional or client facing role with full consultancy services offered, Band 2 is likely to fall somewhere in between, judged on the merits of an assignment, but still relying high levels of technology and limited to more research type work and presentations with the capacity to work with small teams.

Clients by Size
Band 1 - 50,000 to 300,000 Employees
e.g. Tesco - 240,000 Increments of 50,000
Band 2 - 1,000 to 50,000 Employees e.g. DFS 2,792 Increments of 5,000
Band 3 - 2 to 999 Employees

Service offered by Band
Band 1 - Varying degrees of desk top consultancy; data collection, analysis, surveys, questionnaires, HR audit assessments, research and product development, for example, healthcare packages High Technology Driven/Use
Band 2 - As above at the higher end of the scale, but including some client facing contact and partial to full consultancy services for regions, sections, departments, products & services of up to 1000 employees
Band 3 – Full consultancy services

Clients by Industry
Property, Construction & Real Estate, Education, Health, Telecommunications, Retail (esp.Food & Catering), Utilities, Defence & Security Media and Entertainment

Public Sector Clients
Health, Education, Security & Defence

P.S. Creations Consultanct will also provide services to the Non-Profit Sector

    Functional Practices

  • Innovation
  • Operations Improvement
  • Organisation/Design
  • Transformation
  • Strategy
  • Performance Improvement
  • Value Creation
  • Integration
  • Risk
  • Product Development
  • Change Leadership/Management
  • Sustainability

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