Who We Are

P.S. Creations Consultancy delivers advice and training for small to large organisations. We create the right experiences for our clients, which are conducive to high levels of performance. We ensure clients are in the healthiest conditions and their assets are producing efficient returns. We use powerful and effective tools which means we continually develop new intelligence that place our clients in the strongest position, in support of the realisation of their vision, aims and objectives at all levels.

Our management expertise, coupled with the most powerful tools of transformation, increases the physical, emotional and mental health of our clients organisation, averting the possibility of difficulty in the future. The realisation of key objectives and financial targets can be quite a natural bi product of this process. We are at the forefront of building healthy relationships that are based upon trust, respect and mutual understanding.

We offer consultancy services to industries such as Property, Construction & Real Estate, Education, Health, Telecommunications, Energy & Utilities, Food & Catering, Media & Entertainment, Security & Defence, Design and Retail.

Who We Are

P.S. Creations Consultancy is founded and led by Ms Lola Opeyokun, a Director who demonstrates a real and genuine passion for consultancy and possesses the inherent virtues of a first class consultant, and a natural consulting skillset, more of a talent than a qualification, thus superseding on one hand and integrating on the other, the intellectual or mere academic. Based on the premise that an "Ounce of Practice, is worth a Tonne of Theory, Creations Consultancy's offerings are fundamentally of high quality and as with most products possessing this component, it confers longevity, fundamental sophistication, durability and prolonged functionality.

Creations Consultancy has employed the best consultant/s with solid industry experience in Human Resources and/or Generalist Consulting, this partnering will help build an excellent client list and forge good relations by demonstrating that not only do we understand your Human Resource Management issues, at an advanced level, our consulting may extend to other organisational regions. Thus, a feature of P.S. Creations Consultancy’s ultimate vision is to develop a consulting team that reflects different layers or dimensions of intelligence, so that this comparative capital is invested to produce profitable outcomes, which may assist an organisation in shifting towards greener principles, indirectly, which can sometimes assume a more natural and honest approach, at the right pace or velocity.

P.S. Creations Consultancy is a neoteric oracle, an oracular consultancy capable of providing evidence based guidance and advice using ordinary methods and utilising a variety of reasoning tools. We believe that Management Consultancy is actually a state of mind, and the organisation is led by a Director that has accomplished this. Our most abundant and reliable intellectual asset is our wisdom, underpinning all of our advice, guidance and strategies for implementation. The Way, Path, Passage, is today recognised as a strategy, cultivating a clarified mind is what management have achieved, whilst our competitors have chosen a soley orthodox route, we have not only followed convention, but to our advantage, we identified that was not the only way, and reaching the Crystal Palace, is an ancient parallel, though not an equivalent.

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