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Pure Spirit Creations Consultancy is finally here and offers services in business consulting for small to large firms, the aim is to pioneer a new approach and work with existing businesses and entrepeneurs, as well as those of the future, literally. We are stewards of the future, one of its closest allies, one of its best friends, helping to ensure that what you take into it, is what it deserves! How's that for Innovation? Answer - Not bad for a Healer!

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Not too far in the distant future, but by next year perhaps................Lola's Mobile Patisserie Service will be providing services in SE10, SE9, SE20, SE8 a means of getting to know the community and turning a buck!

Lola's Pop Up Restuarant puts into practice the idea of food for thought, the art of therapeutic complex resolution, using the magnificent Unfoldement Approach, with fine "intuitive" dining, an experience not to be missed.

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