Lola Opeyokun

17 September 2012


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I am not stereotypical of any type of Healer you know or have read about, however, I do not overplay the unconventional. I am sure there are many Healers that have vastly more years of experience than I do, but I am 100 per cent strong and authentic, specifically created for this time and this is a mark of quality. I am inherently a spiritual person with a natural spiritual disposition. My type of spirituality is very rare in western society, especially, but I do share some similarities with other types of Healers in other countries or traditions. It is of a very mature (advanced, complete,ripe, ready)

pedigree and easily misunderstood or mistaken by some in the first instance.I had well developed intuition from a very early age and was quite adept at being able predict future outcomes, I was very good at always being in the right and had a well-developed sense of judgement amongst other gifts and abilities. One of my challenges was to actually understand the more mundane and practical aspects of life first, and be fully conversant in being able to secure the the essentials of modern living in a modern culture or society. Being able to do this, I think most will agree, depends on

having or acquiring particular values and beliefs about life, and this was easy enough, being born in England, London. Once I had accomplished the secular activities such as a university education, securing a job and carving out a career path, with good prospects, buying a property, a car, it seemed as though I had just fulfilled some sort of task, as opposed to it being something that I would maintain indefinitely.

After working for a niche Property Investment Company in SW1, in the Asset Management Department, and being earmarked to become

the Head of the Department, I knew at that point I wanted to reconnect with my inner nature, and decided to change direction for a while, but I was adamant that I would not get lost or be short-sighted, I prayed for some elevated Wisdom, Discernment, Navigation Skills and Extraordinary Vision. As these attributes began to emerge, it came to my awareness that Stupidity, not in the casual meaning, would be my greatest enemy or threat, (although I have no enemies) to arriving at my destination safely. I began by studying Psychoanalytic Psychology, a Foundation in Astrology and joined a private college to enhance my healing abilities, better manage my spiritual energy, and train as a professional healer, this would support my self directed/natural mode of learning and maintain some connection to mainstream education providers.I recognised that I had a natural understanding of the laws of the universe and principle. I begun to make an overwhelming amount of connections and I discovered validation, which is one of the universes methods of transposing correct confidence, which aides the formation of genuine self-belief.

There are a great many things that I have learnt and not all of them are easy to explain, as one might imagine on this path, equally, some are irrelevant right now and I understand that the future can make better sense of things, additionally, we still live in a time of disbelief, rightly so to some extent, as to share that which is not fully understand, or cannot be explained properly may be reckless and harmful.

If I was bought up in another part of the world, in another time, in another culture or if I was another race, my challenges may have been different. I hope to be able to live up to my full potential and I know enough right now of what it involves and presently, it feels like a quest of the superhuman, if I knew anymore, I probably would not believe that I could fulfil it. So I see now that most things in my life have simply prepared me for what I could or ought to be, but there have been a few accidents along the way.



I began training in 2004 to gain better control, management and use of my healing abilities, extra sensory gifts such as Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, Clairaudience and Telepathy, I also wanted to understand the Science and the Spirit of these abilities, how they are connected to the physical body and the way they should work for me, needless to say I read books, but wanted to reach a better, more thorough and conclusive understanding. As mentioned previously, I also studied Psychoanalytic Psychology including dreams and Astrology (symbolism).

The Healing training course was officially two years, but I worked in the clinic for a year and half subsequently, whilst almost simultaneously spending 2 years participating in distant healing. I gained a Distinction in a Diploma in Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology at a college in the City, I also took breaks as I undertook independent research, waited for and processed knowledge and information, I was also very dedicated to my own training programme. After generic training, I also carried out a few case studies and worked privately. The clients that attended the clinic came from different backgrounds and were employed in different industries so understanding their

thoughts, inner processes and spirit expression, coupled with my knowledge and understanding was quite valuable. In relation to the physical, the clients that I have worked with can often feel instant relief from pain, though this may not always be permanent relief. I am attempting to have more effect on the physical body, by becoming more physical myself, I therefore have devised a 5 year programme of training that includes, Comtemporary Dance, Shoalin Kung Fu, Gymnastics and intermediate to advanced Hatha Yoga Asanas.

I usually know what issues to work with and have a good understanding of my clients

position or perspective. I have clarified vision and help clients with the same, even though some are quite proud and may not want to always admit they have been victims of confused or disordered thinking, however, I am confident in my talents as I have penetrated vision on many levels and fortunately, I do have the power to let people see for themselves without any manipulation or orchestration.

In relation to aspects of independent training, I devised an early morning practice that began at 5:00 am until 8/9:00am for 3 and a half years, consisting of Kundalini Yoga, basic Asanas, Meditation, Prayer, Visualisation and advancing


I enjoy engaging in various pursuits, which help to silence thought, which in turn aids the advancement of my intuition invaluable in healing, practical design and creativity. These attributes will accelerate my capacity to business plan in addition to organisational and resource design, they may even form part of a product strategy in the future.

To view a sample of any written work, click on any of the links below or for photography, cookery and design take a look at the images on this page and Pure Spirit Creations Consultancy.

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my extra senses. Prior to this, I had fully abstained from ingesting red meat, poultry fish/seafood, alcohol, medicated remedies, and substituted a range of dairy products with Soya based products. Maintaining celibacy for just under 7 years, also helped to transform my sexual energy into spiritual energy. As my body became less of what it was and more of what it ought to have been, my energy levels increased, my meditation and channelling abilities improved dramatically, my powers of concentration, focus, contemplation, determination and my vision improved beyond belief. I became very self-motivated without the external structure

that used to support this.

Being more disciplined about what I put into my body was a painless process, there were no relapses or struggles, but a teaching or principle came into my internal awareness that bought about the counterpart to discipline which was relaxation, but the way that it expressed itself was very interesting. Although, at first, I did not cook meat/poultry when I stopped eating it, I realised that I did not actually mind cooking it for others and whilst I rarely used dairy products at home, I really enjoyed baking cakes, and reintroduced fish/seafood into my diet, it seemed becoming strict had a bi-product; I developed quite a relaxed approach and so did not harbour attitudes about food

that were harmful to others, but I do have a sense of humour!

I then studied for a Certificate in Professional Cookery and after a Diploma in Professional Cookery, which is how I arrived at Lola’s Pop Up Restaurant, combining therapy, food and vision (photography).Similarly, whilst I re-examined my relationship to material life, I did not develop any problematic attitudes or beliefs, which was one of my biggest blessings as I can see that some people that explore or are inclined to this aspect of life, do not learn to be peaceful with what they believe, which can be problematic for others but most of all themselves.

I gained a huge appetite for meaningful work and my ambitions grew and evolved well beyond what they were before, the future seemed much more of an exciting prospect. Any personal goals that depended solely or largely on me were very easy to achieve, it was then I realised that my will power had increased; I could accomplish personal goals quickly, however, anything that was material and where it involved other people, outside of my management, took longer to come into fruition, if at all sometimes, which is how I began to learn about people as elements, the laws of attraction, fate, destiny, how the past, present and future is created and the part that God, when he/she does play a part, plays his/her part.

In learning, being aware, I identified, The Way, it is an attitude that is embedded in a persons psyche, it transcends race, culture, and class, it does have a different expression because of these structures, but essentially, it is the same attitude or spirit being expressed, my understanding led me to develop the Unfoldment Approach.

(Gifted & Professional) Visionary Spiritual Healer, Business and Creative Director (Proprietor) of Pure Spirit Therapies & Creations Bsc(Hon)
Age: 36

What's Involved in a Session? Prayer/Distant Healing Statement Spiritual Development Unfoldment Approach Universal Root Causes Qualifications Skills & Talents Personal Goals

Personal Goals/Accomplishments

Abstinence: Drinking alcohol, Smoking, Red Meat & Poultry
Achieved Health: Eliminated the need for any remedies, but made gradual shift to healing with abilities, Crystals and Herbs = Mental Stength, Will Power, Control, Discipline
Eliminated mental and emotional toxins: Do not suffer from envy, jealousy, spite and very rarely lie, cheat = Vision, Integrity, (nearly always) Right (about important issues) Correct, Justified, Authority also misunderstood!
Independent: Focus, Concentration, Commitment, Dedication, Ambition and Drive
Balance & New Growth: Developed Visual Art, Design and Performance functions
Improvements: Organisation and Planning in daily life, started and completed things from 80-95%, (even the boring) Harmony and Fusion
Physical Growth & Discipline: began with Walking then Yoga, Dance, Martial Arts & Gymnastics
Relaxation: Non-Judgment, Correct Judgement, Detachment, elevated Compassion and Understanding
Early Rises: Independence, Increased Motivation, Energy Levels and Willpower
Reduced: Intake of fast food by 65-70%
Reduced: TV consumption by 80% (but still appreciate it and entertainment)
Reduced: Telephone consumption by 80% i.e. rarely gossiped on telephone previously, but do not allow people to gossip to me
Legal: Acted as a Litigant in Person (involving all Case-work and Research, complying with Civil Court Procedure Rules and Directions) in 4 cases, 2 over £500,000.

Unfoldment Approach

The Unfoldment Approach is a highly coveted way of working. It is a multidimensional and a very knowledge driven style, anyone that analyses will recognise that I began to travel on a steep vertical line, but changed to a horizontal, but with this route, I was still able to travel vertically, the advantage is you cover more ground, or move in a circular motion, the disadvantage is that it takes longer, and there are more risks. It works on the spiritual, mental, emotional and physical levels, innovatively and creatively. It’s good for business, and great preparation for life changes, challenges and the realisation of dreams, ambitions

and personal goals.

I am strong and wise with many superb qualities, I believe that it can create the same, strong leaders , drivers, people that would eventually have a high valuable impact. It is designed to make the process of development interesting and has a productive point of focus. It deals with all the deeper aspects of personal growth and traumatic experiences, very sensitively, but indirectly and there is a very good reason/principle for this.

Qualifications & Training

Academic BSc Estate Management 2:1, 2003 (RICS), HNC Housing Studies 2000, ITEC Professional Diploma Level 3 Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology 2010, Distinction, 6 GCSEs, 1993
Alternative Psychoanalytic Psychology, Foundation Certificate in Astrology, Kundalini Yoga, College Accredited Healing Course
Food Certificate in Professional Cookery, Diploma in Professional Cookery, Food Hygiene Certificate
Film & Photography ABC Film & Video Production, ABC Scriptwriting for Film and TV, BTec Award Video Documentary, Short Drama Production, Final Cut Pro Still Life, Portrait, BTec Intro to Photography, BTec Dip. Photography (1st year only), Studio Photography, Street Fashion Photography, ABC Photojournalism
Journalism Writing Skills for Journalism, Photojournalism
Design ABC Fashion Design & Textiles, Pattern Cutting, Garment Construction, Printmaking
Performing Arts (beginners) Drama, Contemporary Dance
Physical In May/June 2012 began/restarted Shaolin Kung Fu, Contemporary Dance and Gymnastics


I worked on the first stage of a project, which was the formulation of an organisation, Universal Root Causes, I attempted to fuse together an organisation that could produce the country’s best human resources, as the organisation would begin with a personal, creative, spiritual and physical training ground in the first 24 months, thereafter, it would operate along solid business principles, that it would be profitable, a product driven organisation, that conducts valuable in-house research and development, whilst contributing to resolving some of the country’s economic and social problems and with a successful product strategy; I could contribute to overseas development. Using a combination ofn-house research and development,whilst

contributing to resolving some of the country’s economic and social problems and with a successful product strategy; I could contribute to overseas development. Using a combination of media/mediums and a superior marketing strategy, I could transport the right knowledge and information to the public, without compromising on truth for the sake of profit, but still being extremely profitable and not being controversial or opposing the government unnecessarily. This was exceptionally challenging as there were many areas that were in direct conflict with each other, my nature and purpose;I still have a spiritual duty as a Spiritual Healer. It culminated in 20,000+ word plan with pages of financial forecasts, all of the areas of conflict were fully resolved

and harmonised, but it required a great deal of investment and management experience, which is the point at which I changed direction in 2003, but in the absence of my experiences, I would never have conceived of such a plan. Pure Spirit Therapies and Creations Consultancy is the first step towards URC, and should afford me the management and real business experience that I now need.